• to make celluloid and digitally feature film, video film, arts film, docu-drama and different types of documentary.
  • to distribute and sale small and big social, cultural and entertainment movies.
  • to run the post lab for the production of different types of movies.
  • to learn and exchange the techniques with different national and international organizations and institutions for the development and conservation of Nepali cinema, song, music, culture and tradition.
  • coordinating and compromising with the national and international organizations and institutions to record, direct, produce and execute movies and buy share of other company, and sale share to those companies, firms and people and run the new companies with the combine investment taking acceptance from the concern system.
  • to record, produce and direct movies and provide entertainment services to the different sectors of Nepal with or without co-ordinating and compromising with the Nepal Government or any organizations and institutions or companies.
  • to introduce the Nepali instruments, tone, songs and music, drama and culture in the national and international level for their development and expansion by minor studying and investigating about them.
  • to counsel about production of music, songs and movies, buy essential items required for the production and provide in rent, and supply it.
  • to produce audio and video of Nepali folk culture, old and modern songs and movies by establishing convenient studio and advertise, market-management and distribute in national and international level.