Success from continuity

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-Gopi neupane(simon) Hetauda Today National Dally Thursday, 27 Nov 2014 People credit or blame luck for success or failure. However, when we closely observe work aspect, we can credit exertion cent percent for success. Luck without effort is like a flower in cliff which fades off in oblivion. Ganga Prasad adhikari ‘Dipak’ is walking the tall order considering luck as him breath ant toil as his life; and has been making leaps and bounds in both the film and business sector at once. Today we are going to discuss his success story, movie dimension and commercial feats. Adhikari commenced his business life some 28 years ago from Mumbai, India. Recently, he has registered his movies distribution company, Darshana Arts Pvt. Ltd. In USA as well of which he exclaims it has added a new leaf of life in his cinema life. His company Darshana Arts Pvt. Ltd. is creating buzz in Nepal by producing and distributing Nepali and Hindi movies in both Kollywood and Bollywood. He has produced hit movies such as Maya diu jhai bho and the Bhojpuri jabaz jigarwala, with biraj bhatta as the actor. He is now prepping up for producing more Hindi and Nepali movies with most modern technology in the near future. Adhikari inaugurate Darshana Arts Pvt. Ltd. in 2009 and has accounted for the distribution of more than 30 Nepali and Hindi movies. The hit Hindi film distributed by this company included Chennai express of shah Rukh Khan, Holiday of Akshya Kumar, R.Rajkumar, Zangeer, Ragini mms 2, EK Villain, Hyder, etc. which the list of Nepali movie included Ritu, Punte pared, World Cup in Nepal, Hasiya, Utsab etc.  apart from the regular business of producing and distribution movie, he also informs that works for his upcoming posh multiplex cinema hall in the Singha Darbar street of Kathmandu, is in full swing. Adhikari, who has travelled to India, Thailand, UAE, USA and Canada, is not only a film maker but a successful entrepreneur as well. He has been running more than 10 hotels in Nepal and India under partnership and   sole investment. He also run kalika medical and technical institute in Gaidakot and one manakamana hospital in Bharatpur Chitwan. In the coming days, he is intending to commence business from USA as well. He claims that he will strive for the promotion of Nepali culture, arts and originality from USA too. He is also interested in leading and helping hand to many social sectors. In his life, he has rendered financial assistant to numerous orphanages and helpless children center and showed his soft corner. Adhikari, who is constantly active in movies, business, progress and social services, credits his present success to his successful endeavors. From the life of Adhikari, one many learn that if someone continuously makes positive efforts, than progress will follow automatically.

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